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Discover the amazing health benefits of AENO Live Water, and learn why it is the choice water for your family.

Aeno Science

Learn the Science behind the creation of AENO Live Water, and be assured that every bottle of AENO water supplies supreme quality that will enhance the wellbeing of your family.

Are You Thirsty?

If you have back pain, migraine, hypertension, diabetes, allergies or asthma, you may simply be dehydrated. Many diseases are symptoms of water shortage in your body. Stay hydrated!

Water Intake Calculator

With our simple calculator, you can determine your daily water intake requirements based on body weight. Optimal hydration with AENO Live Water ensures vibrant good health and longevity.

Live Healing Water In A Bottle!

Live Healing Water In A Bottle!

Serving the best drinking water for maximum benefit to the body!

Raffles Water Pte Ltd is a Singapore incorporated company. We are the sole distributor of AENO Live Water, the revolutionary healing water in a bottle. Besides marketing and promoting this amazing oxygen rich, health enhancing water, we are health advocates who value the good life, which includes good friends, plenty of laughter and a powerful healthy body.
AENO stands for Alkaline, ENergized and Oxgenated. It is the product of a revolutionary process that creates stabilized, energized, alkaline and oxygen infused water that will nourish the body from within, to prevent disease and to enjoy excellent health.
For distribution opportunity, or inquiry on Aeno water, please contact us at +65 6291 3773 or leave us a message and we will get back to you.